Monday, 12 March 2012

Picture it in Your Own Words - Contrast

This week's photo challenge is Contrast

I am sick. I am feeling very sorry for myself. I have succumbed to husband's flu.
A picture of me this week and last week would be quite a contrast, but none of you deserve to see such an appalling sight.

Instead here are some other images.

Sunset, the tip of Nephin just visible

Magnolia stellata flowers

Sunset - the only time those ugly poles seem eyecatching


  1. love the flower...and you are so right about the poles

  2. great shots.

  3. All good. Yes iris funny how things like telegraph poles and pylons can be so striking. We don't have either in
    London, but I enjoy the pylons in particular in the country.

  4. I am sorry that you aren't well and hope you will be better soon....take care of yourself....ja the photos are stunning....

  5. brill' collection and great take on theme..

  6. I thought perhaps the notification system had broken down again, but I see you have been silent. I hope all is well.


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