Wednesday, 16 November 2011


I thought you might like to share the five most inspirational moments of my week - things that I find still resonating in my head even now. That's what you call shelf-life!

Number one. If you read my October post, Shoe Boxes v Handbags then you will really, really enjoy this clip! It made me smile, then laugh and finally cry.
(If you don't know anything about 'Shoe Boxes' then check out my post!) Want to know the incredible journey of a shoebox? Keep watching!

Second on my list is something I heard on BBC Radio 4 last week. It was just great - spare yourself half an hour and have a listen. Brave girls.

The War Brides Return

Third up, I'd like to give you a tantalising glimpse (alas, not in the flesh, and alas only a glimpse - you really need several light years) of probably the most amazing art collection in the world. The art is breathtaking, but the way it's displayed is the icing on the cake. In my ignorance, I knew nothing of the Barnes Foundation until this week. There is only one word: WOW. (Even if you don't want to watch the whole programme, it's worth - oh so worth - seeing the art...)

The Barnes Foundation - Billion Dollar Art Heist

If you can't get the TV programme where you live, at least have a look at The Barnes Foundation

It will take you to another place.

My fourth treat is a small piece of writing - small referring to its length! It's only a paragraph.
It's beautifully crafted and very satisfying.  When We Write by Robin Hawke

It is part of the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups

Last but by no means least is another BBC Radio 4 programme.  I listened to this while I was making cupcakes for the market. Andrew Motion's 'Laurels and Donkeys'
A verbal collage for Remembrance Day. An emotional piece.



  1. I'm honored.

    I'm signing up to receive your posts, hoping to get to know you better. I already love the divine duo,

  2. Yours was a great piece, but thank you for your comment Robin. I hope you continue to enjoy it, and yes, the divine duo are rather heavenly...


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