Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Les Français sont complètement fous!

I have just been down to the sea with the dogs.
It's a beautiful September morning of cloudless skies and surfer-seas.
Even the tearing gale has abated, and for another day at least, the house still nestles under an ever-reddening blanket. Another gale and the leaves will disappear.
The coast road and verge were littered with surfboards and people pulling wetsuits on or off. As I came round one corner, there was even a bare bum mooning at me as someone struggled to pull his feet free.

But it's so cold it feels like December. The dogs even declined a dip at the headland, but then they hadn't brought their wetsuits. Instead they played in the rough grass while I watched the crisp sets of breakers streaming in, and the breeze ruffling out of the North threatened to slice us into very small dice.
What is going on?

Last night I picked some beans for supper.
I had a jacket on and the hood firmly pulled up. The dogs stood waiting by the gate with their backs to me, letting it be known that coming outside had not been their idea in the first place.
I felt sorry for the bean plants as we hurried back to the warm kitchen, and don't hold out much hope for the flowers and baby beans still trying to grow.
I hold out even less hope for the third brood of swallows eagerly trying their wings in the turf shed. Any day now, the skies will be empty, the roof ridges silent of their hauntingly lilting song and - like last year - we'll be left with straggling youngsters who aren't quite sure what happens next.
The In-Charge says they catch up, that by the time they reach the south coast the adults will be there, waiting.
The triumph of hope over reality, possibly, but let's go with it.

As I headed homewards this morning, I passed a friend walking her dog Maximus. She said her husband had gone in amidst the surfers for a swim.
'He doesn't even wear a wetsuit,' she said, her expression conveying the craziness of surfers in general and swimmers in particular.
I've heard of mad dogs and Englishmen, but he is French and surely ought to know better!


  1. Still ok here, though darned chilly first thing. I have had thoughts of scarves today. But swimming? There? Now? Vraiment fous!

  2. I loved reading your description of your trip to the sea. It has turned cooler here in the States as well but I am welcoming the cooler weather as this past summer was entirely too hot and too humid. I hope someday soon to visit Ireland but in the meantime, I thoroughly enjoy seeing it through your eyes!

  3. I was startled when I went out to the garden this afternoon and realized that I lost half my basil to a frost last night. That's not uncommon for our area this time of year but it sure snuck up on me!

  4. It seems to be fickle weather all around. We have not yet had a frost - very unusual - and have been having highs in the 80s - also very unusual. There must be gremlins playing around in the jet streams.

  5. Sorry not to reply to all your comments. I have had problems with my blog. Is it not ever thus? But thank you for popping in and leaving your thoughts - I love reading them. I am very jealous of everyone who is still basking in heat (though, to be fair, we have just had a very warm, sunny weekend - but 'warm' here probably wouldn't pass muster in your necks of the woods!


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