Thursday, 27 September 2012


The last two summers have been so inclement that, by comparison with yesteryear, we have had almost no vegetables.
There was a time when anyone coming to the door in September would have had a bag of runner beans stuffed into their arms, whether they wanted them or not.
I don't know about you, but the idea of a polytunnel just doesn't float my boat.
I know they are wonderful, I know you can grow orchids in them, I know everybody has one.
But I just can't see myself thinking: 'I can't wait to get out into the tunnel!'
However - who knows? A few years ago I'd never have thought I'd don specs in order to focus on the end of my nose.
Needs must when the devil drives.

And if things continue the way they are going, it may be my only hope of surfeiting on runner beans again, because sadly, runner beans - my favourite vegetable - are a bit of a rarity in our house these days.

How nice then, going out to forage in the garden on a damp, chill evening, to come back with this little haul for supper.

I cooked the beans and made a salad with the rest.

Yum yum.
Thank you, garden.

We'll hold on a bit longer before we succumb to tunnelopia.


  1. Hello:
    Sadly, runner beans, which we too simply love, are never to be seen in Hungary. It would appear they are not grown or, if they are, they never make their way to our local market which is made up of country people bringing home grown produce into the city.

    As for polytunnels they are, in our view, responsible for having ruined so many wonderful landscapes.

  2. Goodness - you live in Hungary! A place I would love to visit (one of many!)
    No - I could never find runner beans in France either. I suppose you just have to get some seeds and grow your own - but maybe you don't have a garden where you live!
    More and more people have polytunnels here (albeit domestic sized ones, but even those are pretty big). I can understand why, but they just don't appeal to me. However - if the weather keeps going downhill, who knows...
    Thanks for visiting!


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