Sunday, 11 November 2012

Game, Set and Match

What is it with machines?
My printer has just declined - several times - to scan something.
It flatly refuses to print anything.

The Silver Beast can be just as bad. Dare I mention the Silver Beast? Will it hear? Will it take a pet?
And let's not go into the two and a half year old washing machine I had to replace this summer, or the In-Charges's computer that just crashed, and crashed and crashed the moment it came out of its pristine packaging.
My printer informs me that 'something else has possession of the machine'.
Too right.

Forget aliens with green faces and robotic laughter. The actual aliens have been amongst us for years. It has been take-over by stealth, but machines now have the upper hand, they rule the world.
Electricity is their god, and batteries their archangels.
And meanwhile what are we all doing?
Alternately sitting back and nodding with a daft smile, like doting parents, or shouting and screaming, like parents who know they have lost control.

Game, set and match to the machines, I reckon.

(Come to think of it, isn't that how computers started off? With green faces and robotic laughter?)

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  1. There are days when it would be nice to just have a pen and aper again wouldn't it. The same cannot be said for washboards, however.

  2. Oh Isobel, that made me laugh out loud. Washboards! What a grisly thought.

    1. Of all labour-saving devices, the washing machine is my favourite. Take my food processor if you must, leave me my washing machine. I don't have a microwave or washing up machine, but you could have those too.


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