Monday, 14 January 2013

Picture it in your Own Words - Illuminations

I am a long-lapsed contributor to The Weekly Photo Challenge, but this week's subject has brought me back into the fold.

It is Illuminations

I took this picture at Christmas in a little gem of a church in Suffolk on the eastern side of England. It is part of a stained glass window depicting elements of the coat of arms of the family on whose estate the church was built.

This photo was the result of an experiment when I was taking a photo of the rising moon next to a streetlight.

And lastly, this is a photo I took of candles I lit for the Winter Solstice in memory of my sweet boys.

You can see other Illumination pictures here.


  1. Hello Lorely:
    These are wonderful images which very clearly, each in its own way, holds a very special memory - not least the last.

  2. Hello Jane and Lance - I sometimes feel we live in a world so packed with images that they cease to lose their bite, but actually you are right - despite there being so many, when they are our own, each has its own special link in the heart or mind or memory.

    Lovely to see you again!

  3. Beautiful candles for winter solstice and lovely dedication.

    Sorry to hear about your loss. You can take comfort in the fact that you spent so many happy years together and they will be in your heart and soul...for always.



    1. Thank you Karla, and for your words of sympathy. You are right, they will be in our hearts and souls always. They were very special - there are so many happy memories.


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