Friday, 20 January 2012

Movie Challenges!

First and foremost, a few housekeeping problems.
I am still trying to fix whatever is wrong with this blog! The technicalities, that is - can't do much to fix the content!

Something seems to be wrong with my RSS feeds, or feedburner - or something! I am very sorry if you have signed up to receive notifications of new posts by email, or if you are a Follower, because you ain't receiving nothing! (But thank you so much for signing up! I really appreciate it.)

People who sign up are told they will receive notifications, but they don't. Simple as that.
(Until the problem is fixed, I have removed the 'enter your email address' gadget from the page.)

Does anyone out there know what might be wrong?
Have you had the same problem?

Also - horror of horrors, I saw my blog page on someone else's computer screen yesterday! (A wide screen desktop)
EEEKKK! All the photos were bleeding off the edge of the page and overlapping other things. It was a truly nasty sight!
I sincerely hope not! All I can say it, it leaves my laptop pristine and with everything ship-shape and Bristol-fashion.

Oh, how frustrating it all is.

Anyway, to more interesting topics.

If you are not a 'Challenger' then here is the link to my current post, A Celebration of Winter (with pictures of snowdrops and things, and poetry...)

This week, the 100 Word Challenge is to write a critique of any one of last week's entries, which had to contain 5 key words.

I have chosen Blockbuster which I have copied below.

Tonight’s feature movie ‘Aquamarine Sky’ stars Tom Cruise as Jeff Stone, a hapless pilot working for a budget airline.  Aghast at his employers’ refusal to include the most basic comforts in his aeroplane, Stone undertakes a dangerous crusade to bring about justice in air travel. After  stumbling upon a plot to defraud innocent customers of millions of pounds, he is thrust into a perilous world of international crime. The movie builds to an epic and unforgettable finale with Stone joining forces with enigmatic stewardess, Chantelle O’Ryan (ably acted by Nicole Kidman) in a fight to save the world.

BLOCKBUSTER is an excellent piece of writing. It effortlessly mirrors the usual film-review style to create a light-hearted but completely convincing entry in the required number of words. The short but sweet ‘taster’ of the plot builds up the tension admirably, cleverly aided by including a movie-star well known for his action-packed thrillers. And teaming Cruise with ex-partner Kidman merely adds an underlying layer of interest and speculation. Moreover -  the prompt words are a seamless part of the whole, only remarkable because they are highlighted. 
I’m off to the cinema now, to see Aquamarine Sky – anyone want to come?  

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  1. Excellent critique is the same style as the original - clever. You've captured the pace of the piece and yes - I'll come to see the film!


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