Sunday, 22 January 2012

A Call to Arms!

I'm back on the knitting thing. I've got needle itch (or maybe it's needle-envy!)

It all started, or perhaps I should say was rekindled, when this beauteous sight gladdened my heart one January afternoon.

Perfect pigs in blankets

 Now, look me in the eye and say that doesn't warm the cockles of your innards too!
(I particularly like the way she has a little cut-away around her knee, and you have to agree, the pompom on her other ankle is most fetching!)
(Of course it's a she. What self-respecting boar would be seen out wearing stripey ear muffs?)

You may remember that I was busily engaged, a few months ago, in knitting a pole-warmer, and I think the general opinion was - if this is guerrilla-knitting, bring it on!

Here, by the way, is the finished pole warmer, for those of you who may not have driven past it!

The Belle of Beltra

Thrilling, isn't it?

I am happy to report that there were several trees in Sligo Town bedecked with warmers, pompoms and patches over Christmas, and the otherwise rather sombre statue of Yeats sported a devilishly fine pair of shorts and braces for weeks.
I don't think this should just be a Yuletide embellishment, do you?
I think we need a national - an international movement to clothe our more sartorially challenged streets in natty knitting!

I have been pondering the possibilities of bunting. I don't see why knitted bunting wouldn't work.
And the average statue is just crying out for clothes!
Poles need warming, trees need trimming, and city-centre sculptures need scintillation!

Let's enjoy life!
We all had enough gloom, doom, woe and misery in 2011 to last a lifetime.
So this is a call to arms.
Root under your beds and in the bottom of your wardrobes and fish out all those old balls of wool, and then, on the count of three, pick up your weapons and start click-click-clicking!

This whole knitting lark started back in Where have all the children gone? We're all missing them, missing someone. Let's knit a little je ne sais quoi for each and every one of them. I think they'd be pretty happy with that!

PS If anyone has any good knitting ideas, please don't hesitate to share them. Leave a message!

We could easily have knitted this bunting! Let's start a new trend.


  1. Well said Loreley....I commented a few times on this but I suppose you never got the I signed up for it and I try it again....tell me please if I was successfull

  2. this was me - Martina .... living on the worked....yiphee!!!!
    I have strange knitting-phases throughout my life... actually knitting was the first skill I processed ( apart from being potty trained I suppose ). My 'Oma', my Dad's Mum showed me that skill when I was about 4.... then there were times when I knitted even jumpers and about 4 years ago I knitted loads of scarves for Christmas. The last time lately was when I did a few rows for the polewarmer in a cruel babypink.... .
    Glad I got this working....does that mean I can do a blogg as well?

  3. Open to the idea of knitted bunting, but am worried what would happen if it rained. You see when I was young I had a strange knitted bathing costume which I now realise was a sun-bathing costume and not a swimming one.
    We had gloriouse victorian baths in our town, with a majestic colonaded, portico, yard after yard of glazed tiles, lots of polished brass, scrubbed wood and rows of bathrooms which astonished me, why would any-one go out for a bath (oh, middle class me.....sorry the reason for telling you all this is that I couldnt find my nice red nylon swimming costume one day, so took grandmas knitted one, , I don't know what the fiber was but it had absorbancy powers which would shame a sponge! The minute I hit the water the crotch hit my knees. Swimming was impossiable, the weight of the thing dragging and growing, wrapping itself around my limbs, dragging me down. Then I struggled to get out up the wooden steps, the whole thing pulling me back waterwards! The incredual stares of the other bathers the odd small boy tittering, there was a seperate plunge for women and children so it could havebeen worse, but that was one of the shortest swims of my life.
    Naturally also, one of the most memorable!
    So what if you knitted all that bunting put it out in the rain, then it would get very heavy, stretch a lot and maybe drag in the mud.
    Well just a thought....see you later

  4. P.S. love the pig!


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