Sunday, 1 January 2012

Thank you, dear Reader...


Thank you, dear Reader, for taking a moment to visit this small page - this insignificant pinpoint on that great big, tangled web we have woven to cross the divides of time and distance, of the familiar and the unknown, of interest and knowledge, of gossip and speculation, of fact and fantasy. As always, I am so happy to see you, and I want to dedicate these wishes for the New Year to you, wherever you may be, and whatever you may be hoping for.

And while you are here, I want to say how much I have appreciated all the comments you have left on my blog -  they take time and thought. Insignificant (in the scheme of things) as all my ramblings about nothing may be, your comments add up to a great deal of something, so thank you! I would leave replies to each and every one, but it dawned on me some time ago that when I leave a comment on someone else's blog, I never return to see if they have counter-commented, so it felt as if doing so would really be like talking to myself, which in a strange way, this doesn't!

Instead, raise a glass, even if it's just foaming, effervescent, life-giving water, and join me in a toast to all of you - to all of us! Enough of strange and difficult years! Whatever happens in the big wide world, over which we have no control, here's to 2012, and may it be unexpectedly happy and fulfilling! Despite the cloud of international gloom circling the poor old planet - may your dearest wishes come true and your heart be gladdened!

My new year's resolution is to stop listening to the worry-mongerers and concentrate instead on greeting each new day with a smile and an open heart. What's that old chesnut? The past is history, the future a mystery, but today is a gift, which is why we call it the present.
It may be an old chestnut, but each day IS a gift - to make of what we will.

PS: Thankyou everyone who let me know that their friendly cyber mailman was no longer delivering new posts to their email door! I am trying to fix the problem! Please keep me posted on whether I'm winning! (Ha ha!)  

PPS: For those of you who missed it, a bit of inspiration may be just the way to start the year!
Take a moment and enjoy! 


  1. Beautiful images, beautiful words and I AM FULLY with you on the New Year resolution.
    It is a delight to receive your ramblings - well done and onward to the heights.
    Happy New Year lass,

  2. what a lovely new year's resolution. Kate Kresse


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