Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Sighs of Happiness

Oh joy and rapture!
My friend, the CrochetQueen came round today and taught me how to perform her wondrous and beautiful art.
How patient she is! What a fantastic teacher.
Lo and behold the puzzling complexity of knots that seem to grow tighter and - woefully - less numerous with each passing row are, it transpires, neither puzzling nor complex.

They are logical and and do what they say on the tin.
Even to a non-mathematical brain like mine.

I have just finished knitting a patchwork blanket.

The blanket before completion.
It is a cornucopia of colour, a feast of textures, a joy to behold - even if you do need sunglasses.
(And although it will probably take me as long to finish off the loose ends on the back as it took to knit the entire throw, how happy a dog will be when it is eventually bestowed.)

But now a whole new world has opened up before me.

Who would have thought I could learn to crochet entire squares in a single day.
I am hugely impressed - not with my own efforts, but with the skill of my teacher.
And if you are wondering, it is totally simple.
Grab a needle and all you have to remember is this:
'Roundabout, In, Out,
Tiptoe through the Tulips,
Through the Dusky Bluebells,
One for the Road - and Two for the Corner!'

Honesty compels me to add that there are one or two little, small, insignificant other things, but truly, it's like falling off a log.

How you would love to see the fruits of my labours, but alas, you cannot.

The In-Charge has gone off the with the only camera we possess.
You will have to abide your souls in patience. Like the CrochetQueen did with me today.
But don't worry, I will share the thrill with you as soon as possible!

Meanwhile, I've another square to finish.
Now, what colours will this one be...?

So much choice. So little restraint.


  1. Hello Lorely:
    You make it all sound so very simple so much so that we are almost seduced, but only almost! We are totally impractical and, tempting as it is to enter that great craft arena, we fear we should soon be revealed as imposters.

    1. My ghast was flabbered at how simple it was - is! And so satisfying!
      Who knows, one of these days when some alluring event in your exciting lives is cancelled at the last moment, you might yet have a go and find yourselves hooked...!

  2. who needs sunglasses?! the colors look perfect to me!

    1. Thank you L! Not everyone likes exploding colour but I'm glad you do too! It is the stuff of life for me.

    2. well the doggies are fair near color-blind, so they don't care. but you'll see a bright corner with those bright faces looking back!

      yep, I'm an exploding color person, too! <:-D

    3. Excellent. You always know where you are with an exploding colour person!

  3. I love the post
    and the update on your " about me"
    and the fact that these tales drop in to my inbox effortlessly and i enjoy them so much with cuppa in hand and a pause in my day. . . .
    Thank you.

    The bridget's cross queen

    1. Hello T! Lovely to see you. Thank you for noticing the update - I update it quite regularly, but I never think anyone reads it...!! And thank you for all of your nice comment. I'm glad you like it.
      I am SO happy with my new crochet needle...

      The DancingQueen these days, surely!

  4. Oh my, you sound addicted already. That happens to even the best of us. Now your house will grow messy and your bills will sit unpaid, but you'll be happily crocheting away. The rhythm puts me in a very happy place.

    1. Hello Jenny - how nice to see you here! Yes, I think I am addicted already.
      Sadly it wouldn't be possible for my house to grow much messier, but fortunately I belong to the 'A cleaned up house is the sign of a wasted life' school of thought, so that's ok. You are quite right - I have done no writing, gardening, dog walking or - indeed - tidying up today. Just crochet. But then I had to consolidate my new-found skill, didn't I?! (And it was raining)

      Presumably you also like 'You've Got Mail', although it wasn't on your list! It has to be one of my favourite films.

  5. I also had a crochet epiphany when, after my mother died and my sister Carol and I divvied up her knitting needles and by a process of coercive barter peculiar to siblings, I ended up with a strange single needle - hooked at one end like a crochet needle but as long as a knitting needle. I subsequently discovered that it was a Tunisian crochet needle and a link to an excellent guide to crochet including Tunisian is in a post on my blog which also shows the fruits of my labours. Tunisian crochet is even easier than the ordinary varieties and it is superb for creating a dense area of fabric - none of those draughty little holes...;postID=4292260752438131257

    1. I shall have a look at that, A! Never heard of Tunisian crochet, and it sounds amazing. I have to say though, that the draughty little holes are what make crochet so appealing. Not the draughts, just the look!

    2. Unfortunately the link you have left doesn't work.
      Can you check it and leave it again? I'd love to see your post.

  6. Well done, it looks fantastic! Lovely to meet you today :)

    1. Yes, it was lovely to meet you to, and put a face to your blog! The Sligo Rising was brilliant, well done!

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