Monday, 4 June 2012

Picture It In Your Own Words - Today!

This week's photo challenge is TODAY!

Someone kindly suggested I should post this picture on The Sunday Post's Challenge too.
So I have!

A photo that has been taken this very day.

I happened to get up at 5am - sometime after dawn, but so beautiful was the sight that met my eyes, I ran downstairs for the camera before going back to bed.
(When I was young I wouldn't have gone back to bed - I'd have gone for a walk to relish the morning! Oh to be young!)
Now that we are in June, the sun is rising practically in the north!
And setting practically in the north too!
There is still light in the sky at midnight, and it is getting light again around 3am.
Isn't it wonderful.

The sun rises

Later on in the morning I found one of the cats napping in her own private oven.
Sometimes one of the hens gets there first, but not today.

Pushy in her private oven

She must bake in there!


  1. Great. You got a nice and early start.

  2. Finding joy in life :) That's what matters. Nice post!

  3. Beautiful images. You got such a great capture of the sun in the first picture.

    1. Thank you. It was such a beautiful colour, it lit up the whole house.

  4. Beautiful sun rising through the trees, makes being up at that hour worth it. I love the places cats find to sleep!

    1. You are right, Carol. It was worth it. And yes - cats are amazing. One of our other cats loves to sleep on the lawnmower bag! I guess it's warm and like a hammock!

  5. Pushy is really cute!

  6. What a lovely sunrise pic. You should enter it in the Sunday Post weekly challenge. The theme for this week is "sunrise."

    That kitty pic is soooo cute. ;)

  7. Excellent work my friend :)

  8. Love these photos!


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