Thursday, 7 June 2012

High Days and Birthday Cakes

Today is my birthday.
7th June.
Lazy days of summer, of wine and roses. Of light evenings and balmy breezes.
Of blue skies filled with swallows, birdsong and butterflies.

A walk on the beach, I thought, with my nearest and dearest - that's what I'd like to do.

Alas, today it has poured with rain all day. It is like a green November.
The In-Charge informed me this morning that we were expecting a month's worth of rain - 4 inches, they said - in two days.
'When did we ever have only 4 inches of rain in June?' he asked acidly.

4 inches or 14, it is trying very hard to fulfil their expectations.

And to think, this time yesterday we were sitting in the sunshine, enjoying a drink.

On the upside, No 1 son is here, which is the best birthday treat of all.
And Wonder-Brother paid a flying visit (literally), so we had a lovely evening over a long, late supper with Robin, a close friend of everyone concerned.

Long laxy birthday suppers

Today started with delectable fizzly fizz in tall pretty glasses - with or without orange juice as preferred.
And also with the largest and most delicious birthday cake ever known to man!
So large, we thought we'd better crack into it for breakfast!

The cake was made by an extremely talented young man of my acquaintance - a twelve year-old chef who will be responsible, in later life, for much over-indulgence by many people, if he carries on as he's begun.

The largest birthday cake in the world. Please drop in for a slice - white chocolate and lemon feature scrumptiously in the ingredients.

Cake and fizz go very well together for breakfast.
They are even good at lunchtime and probably unbeatable for tea.

I expect they will make a yummy pud later on too!

'Happy Birthday Cake!' as my nephew used to say.


  1. so lovely written again .... homely and honest, thats what life is about.... HAPPY BIRHTDAY again. Biene is in Ireland since today ... so we will call to see your sunny garden within the next 2 weeks if that is okay with you .... I bring the cake .... :)

    1. Thank you Tina. We will look forward to seeing you and Biene. Let's hope we have a 'sunny' garden sometime in the next two weeks!

  2. Happy birthday to you! I'm ever so impressed by the young chef's cake.

    1. Thank you Mise. I'm blown away by it too. Or that is to say, I would be blown away if I wasn't so full of cake I can't move! He is a wonderful cook.

  3. Happy birthday!!

  4. Happy Birthday! Despite the rain, it sounds as if you've had a lovely celebration, as it should be.

  5. did anyone else get something to drink that evening?
    happy cakeday again, lovely flying visit!

  6. you need to change the above comment to...

    "Ah, go on! Cake my day - leave a comment!"

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  8. I am so sorry, that I missed your birthday! All the best wishes! We are in Dingle today and had a boattrip and met Fungie, the dolphin! It was great!!!! Looking forward so much to meeting you!!!!!


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