Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The Golden Princess

Joy of joys, Napoleon has a new wife.
I know you will remember that his little Empress died.
You will also remember, I am sure, that Marie Walewska didn't love him as she should.
He was not a happy bunny.
However, a new era has dawned. Marie Walewska has moved back in with Wellington, where she is much happier, and Napoleon is on honeymoon with his new bride.
They are still getting to know each other, but I can reveal that the bride is a charming little bantam of delicious prettiness and impeccable origin.
By which I mean, she is Sligo born and bred.

She is still a little nervous and has obviously never seen anything so rude as a CAT before.
As for a DOG, apparently she has heard tell of them, but thought they were rumours put about to scare young chicks.
She is wide-eyed and innocent. But she thinks Napoleon is very handsome and she is most impressed at the smorgasbord he lays before her at breakfast time.

Here is the little golden princess.

Don't you just love her violet earrings? And her fascinator? And her pert little tail?

I'm not sure which is her best angle yet

Napoleon is smitten

She hasn't got a name yet.
Any suggestions?
(PLEASE bear in mind her imperial status before suggesting anything as frivolous as 'Goldilocks')

I have just had to stop writing and rush outside because such a hue and cry arose (or 'human cry' as I have heard it called here), that I thought a fox had leapt into the orchard and was causing havoc.

No fox.
The blue, blue sky was full of seagulls mewling and screeching.
I love the noise of seagulls, though I know many don't.
Living all of five minutes from the sea, I would have thought we had a RIGHT to seagulls, but alas, no.
They are a rare sight and sound in our coastal quadrant.
I think they prefer bigger towns and harbours with lots more rubbish to pick over and argue about.
The noisy little divils.

I must go and set out the best linen, light the candles and put a perfect rose in a vase.
The honeymoon couple await their supper.

There will be a small, but perfectly formed prize for anyone who thinks of a suitable name for her.


  1. I am so happy that Napoleon has a beautiful new princess for his bride. They are indeed a lovely couple. She looks like a Eugenie to me.

    1. Thank you Carol, that's a good suggestion! I'm keeping a list, so Eugenie will definitely go on it!

  2. So, a new era. If a suitable name comes to mind, I shall be back.

  3. Should the name be associated with the napoleonic era, or are you happy to mix the dynasties and eras?
    I have been thinking of Charlotte, or Christina.

    1. Well, his first wife was, naturally, Josephine. Alas she died very young. She was very beautiful but quite fragile. The Empress Marie Louise was his second wife, and the less said about Marie Walewska the better...
      I am quite happy to step outside the era if necessary - the right name will be the right name, no matter where it comes from.
      We had a sheep called Charlotte once, so I fear that is ruled out.
      I shall put Christina into the melting pot...

  4. She looks like a Cleopatra to me. After a little history sleuthing (my Napoleon history is pretty pathetic)I discovered that Cleopatra was the nickname of Napoleons lover Pauline Foures (described as slim blond and very attractive!) who he met in Egypt. Just don't tell her she gets left behind when he goes back home to France!

    1. Cleopatra! Great name! And I like the provenance, too!
      Thank you - into the hat it goes!

  5. I totally agree with Cleopatra. Her petite form and luxurious gold dress, she just screams it out of her. She is an Emperors lover though and through. But we are not reenacting history so we can leave the not so nice parts of history behind in the Horribly History books.

    1. Oh I just noticed I was the 7000th page viewer. Congratulations.

    2. How right you are - she need know nothing about Napoleon's perfidy...

  6. Given the Sligo connection, I wonder would Countess Markevich suit??!!

    1. Now that was one feisty lady! Great suggestion - thank you!

  7. Other suggestions I have received so far include:

    Zarina - which is apparently Persian and means golden

    Shiba - which also means golden

    Gilda - another word for golden

    Mrs Smith - which is a great idea

    Orla - an Irish name which means golden princess

    I can see it's going to come to straw-picking!

    Thank you and please keep those suggestions coming in!

  8. They make a very handsome couple. Princess Grace of Monaco came to my mind when I saw her beauty.......Grace is a simple pure name. Perhaps it would suit.

  9. I think 'Christabella' - for the Easter season and the individual's exceptional pulchritude.

    1. Pulchritude is one of those words that SO doesn't sound like what it means!

  10. to be Beatrice..........maybe not in the Republic of Ireland. But Napoleon was hardly a republican!

  11. Constanza

  12. Princess Pauline ? (to remain in the Napoleonic ... she was said to be so beautiful...)

  13. Am I too late? Titania!

  14. Gwendoline perhaps, or Beatrice. She is a really beautiful princess whatever name she chooses.

    1. More inspired suggestions for the hat!
      Perhaps you have put your finger on it.
      Maybe I should let HER choose!

    2. All of our animal friends eventually tell us their real names when they are ready to do so :o)

  15. Some more suggestions have been made via Facebook, which I should record here:
    They are:

    Tonight, as I tucked them into their pen, I asked which name they would choose.
    Napoleon tossed his head and said it was of no consequence.
    The golden princess said it was of great consequence, but she needed to sleep on it.

  16. Elizabeth as hopefully she will be smitten by her Mr Darcy! Or should that be Elizabeth Taylor and her Richard Burton? Or Elizabeth 1 of England, Queen of a Golden Age

    1. Thank you - another good suggestion! And yes, she does indeed seem smitten.
      They are very happy together.

      I'm sorry for the delay in the decision making process.
      It is all due to the pulled muscle in my arm - happily now on the mend.
      A lot to catch up on!


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