Monday, 16 April 2012

Picture it in Your Own Words - Two Subjects

Will it never end?
I have pulled a muscle in my arm.
I am reduced to typing with one finger.
And lying awake in pain!
I can't cope!

Thank you for all your suggestions for the golden princess.
Watch this space for news of the naming ceremony.

In the meantime, here is my entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge - Two Subjects.

The cruise ship and the railway station. Not often seen together! This was taken in Cobh Harbour in Cork. The ship makes everything else look like toy town!

Here's my second entry.
Together, but not together.

Next up!
If you are into cycling, please come back and read the guest post I will be hosting later this week!


  1. Good take on the theme and lovely pictures, especially the cat and dog...

  2. That ship is enormous! I think I'd rather have my little boat.
    I like the way the dog and cat are behaving as though the other isn't there.

    How did you pull the muscle? I hope you are finding some comfort. Ibuprofen? Pernaton? Deep Heat? Have you ever tried black pepper oil? It is very warming and good for achy muscles, I don't know about pulled ones. You can use it in a carrier for massage or burn it and inhale it.

    I shall be thinking of you.

  3. Thanks for finding me! I love the vastness of the liner dwarfing everything else, the cat is being typically indifferent!

  4. The ship is amazing, but the pets are priceless!

  5. nice pictures for the challenge

  6. Those are great shots! My cat and dog photo is my favorite - awesome!


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