Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The Forgiveness of Dogs

Dear Reader - I have missed you!

I am sorry to say that I've been ill, and am still not 'a wellie' as we say in this house!
Husband's flu has been virulent, brutal and resilient. It has not - so far - responded in any meaningful way to the vast quantity and array of drugs I have been throwing hand over fist at it. It has, moreover, morphed into flu + nasty cough, which is just typical. I'm starting to sound as if I've been on 60-a-day since birth.

In the midst of my flu, and with deep reservations, I got on a plane and went to England for 5 days.

Not a good idea, I hear you cry. And how right you are!

I didn't see much of lovely Suffolk. My kind brother took this for me, as I was missing out on all the pretty blossom bedecking the picturesque cottages. Thank you, kind brother

I did ask advice of several people - including a pharmacist - who all urged me to go, assuring me that the worst was probably over, especially the contagious bit.. (I had, after all, spent many days in bed.)

Anyway, enough of that. Suffice it to say that I am feeling rather sorry for myself, and poor husband, who's  had the dread bug for a whole ten days longer than me, is still not a wellie either.

I didn't see much of lovely Suffolk, but I did see some of my nearest and dearest, which was wonderful.
I just hope I haven't passed anything nasty on to them.
Including my brother who sweetly drove all the way from Cheshire for my visit - that self-same hero of the hour who heretofore did battle with the inner workings of my blog, slaying the dragon lurking midst my feedburner in fearless but lengthy single combat. (Unarmed.)

Another pretty Suffolk cottage.  Thank you again, dear brother

Travelling makes you feel even worse, especially when you have to deal with the petty dictatorship that is airport security and Ryanair. The former includes having to remove half your clothes and endure pat-downs, the latter, lack of information and delayed flights. Also, now that Ryanair has made it virtually bankrupting to take luggage, the aircraft sits on the tarmac for an additional twenty minutes while cabin staff try and force everyone's hand luggage into overhead lockers that are already full.

Ryanair is not good for people who are suffering from any form of stress. Especially flu.

However, my ghastly return journey was all worthwhile. Not one, but three smiling faces welcomed me on arrival back home. Husband had brought the dogs to the airport.
Aren't dogs wonderful? They never say: 'Where've you been? Why've you been gone so long? Who said you could go anyway?'
They just say: 'IT'S SO NICE TO SEE YOU!'
Unlike cats, they are instantly and endlessly forgiving.
They've never said a word about all the days when I was in bed and they didn't get a walk.
They looked sad, but they didn't say anything.
And they don't make loud and voluble complaints when breakfast is dished up late.
Or supper.
Unlike the cats.
And the hens.

Oh, the forgiveness of dogs!

Dear dogs


  1. So nice to see you back again. I do hope you are on the mend. Ryanair is a particular form of hell best avoided however chipper you are.
    Neither of my cats has held grudges, but I have heard of cats that do. I spent half the afternoon talking to someone at Battersea Dogs Home today (work related, I am not in the position to adopt) and it rekindled my canine longings. Or do I mean longings for a canine? Anyway.
    So, Suffolk. Is that you native place! I jumped because I go there too. But it is a big county.
    Just one bit of bad news; I found your post, I did not get an email saying you had posted...

  2. hope u'll be a wellie soon Lorely!(feeling grey? go black home, u'll be all white soon). The photos are so, so gorgeous too...a real immersion into the gentle world of Suffolk, thank u! hope this post posts...if u know what I mean:-)

    1. Can't wait til I'm in the pink again!

  3. nice piece of always Lorely. Hope you recover quick to your full strenght.... your dogs are really adorable.... maybe I c you in Beltra on Saturday....?

  4. Do hope you're both fully recovered soon. Lovely pics. I normally go Ryanair to Tenerife to see Mum these days and do SO agree about baggage, though in all fairness my experiences as regards their punctuality have been good. My personal gripes include standing for hours at Luton while waiting to board...


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