Thursday, 29 March 2012

Needle Envy!

Oh, now I am suffering!

The divine duo are duly impressed

Now my fingers are itching and my knitting needles are prodding me in the soft, fleshy parts where envy lurks.
'What about us?' they are shouting resentfully. 'Why don't we get to do things like that?'

'Because you aren't crochet hooks,' I spit at them.
'Go and learn how to loop and twist.'

But they aren't mollified.
Apparently it is I who needs to learn...

This all began, as you may well recall dear Reader, way back when I started knitting the pole warmer!
It has gone from strength to strength!
And beware, it's spreading! If it hasn't already, soon it will appear in a place near you...

Wouldn't you die for a pair of trousers like that?

All I can do is applaud!

Hooray for the guerrillas!
Long live the knitters of the night, those who crochet in the dark hour before dawn, the intrepid souls who creep out under cover of dusk and bedeck our streets.

There should be awards!


  1. My crochet hooks, the few of them that I have, know better than to expect much useage. Knitting is my thing. For now at least. My obsessions are known to change however, so we keep those hooks around. Just in case.

  2. Ditto. I have a couple too. I only know which is the right way up because there is a hook at one end.

  3. Amazing! Cats and carpal tunnel syndrome have put paid to knitting, though I cherish the hope that one day...

  4. I was here the day these guys first came to Easkey. I remember it well because it was the first time that i met my future parents in-law, "Oh God the frightful horror of it all" well anyway these chaps broke the awkward stony silence of the day and now its nice to see they have eventually been given the reward they deserve. Colin

  5. How interesting! I want to get back to knitting, I think it is relaxing. My Mom taught me to knit years ago and I need a refresher. I have a sis-and-law that can get me back on track. It is such a soothing thing to do. Love your pictures!

  6. My fingers are smacking me now, wondering why they can't create art either.!

  7. lol brilliant! Thanks for the link, will do some mroe reading :0


    (Unbought Delicacies)



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