Saturday, 25 February 2012

Picture it in Your Own Words - Indulge

The Weekly Photo Challenge is Indulge.

I was so late getting round to last week's that this is coming hot on the heels of my recent submission.
Never mind.

Several things come to mind for this photo.

The inevitable

Two of the cupcakes I made for this morning's market

Then there's one I can't resist


Poppies and lavender in my garden last summer

(Rosa Abraham Darby). My husband speeds up if we happen to drive past a garden centre, so that I can't GET IN THERE!. Flowers are an irresistible indulgence. And the scent of this one, in my garden, is heavenly

But I suppose these two are my real indulgence

Napoleon and his second wife, Marie Louise (very small, but every inch an Empress) I don't remember when she last laid an egg (and neither does she) and they take a bit of looking after, but I love them to bits. They are referred to as 'my babies'.

(Don't forget, fellow challengers, to check you spam bins! Wordpress generally unceremoniously dumps Blogger comments. If you find a comment from me in the bin, and reinstate it, I will be recognised next time I visit you. Yipee!)


  1. Ooh lovely. I think appreciate is a better word to describe the things in these pix.
    You don't do b&b do you?

    1. We did, for 14 years! Don't anymore!
      Your comment is interesting - as there is a difference! I suppose I was looking on indulgence as something you treat yourself with, something over and above the necessities, the bread and butter of life.
      Hope your shoulder is better.

    2. Alas for the b&b! I posted the link but it is still in moderation, so that doesn't seem very hopeful. Have you contacted WP? One would hope the interface between blogspot and WP would be better...

    3. Wonderful indulgences. The poppies and lavender is a fabulous photo, well worth framing. :-) Ronnie@hurtledto60

  2. Wonderful photos, the poppies against the lavender are my fave, but those chickens are very handsome too!
    lucid Gypsy!

  3. I love your babies...and I posted your is up so hopefully people will stop by now. Good luck with are going to need it...hehehe...she says after weeks of trying to get help from them and having NO luck !!!

  4. I think I've done it!

  5. What an amazing garden. I will for sure indulge in your garden if the plants are at their peaks being a nature lover myself. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  6. nice indulgences. is pink one, too. beautiful chickens you have there.

  7. Cupcakes! Oh My!

  8. Fantastic photo's and garden love 'em..;)

  9. A great selection of photo's, especially the poppies

  10. I think indulging in old chickens is fantastic (and a great picture too). I've had my share of older than they should be birds and funky breeds that people like to tell me eat too much and don't lay enough.... whatever. Chickens are great! :)


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