Thursday, 23 February 2012

Picture it in Your Own Words - Down 2

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The prompt for The Weekly Photo Challenge is Down  

First, a DESPERATE note to fellow challengers! I have left - tried to leave - comments on many of your photos! Wordpress doesn't like Blogspot comments and - I think - spams them! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE look in your spam bin and see if there is a comment from Writing from the Edge. If you 'reinstate' it in  your comments, generally that means I will be allowed to comment in future. Yipee! 
(You cannot believe how frustrating this is....)

Now - enough of blog problems. 

Here's what came to mind when I thought of Down

If you have ever held a new chick, you'll know it's just a ball of down on legs. These chicks' mother, Henrietta, has her own ball of down as a hat - we call it her pom-pom

The recent storm brought an old tree down in the woods. It lies like a toppled giant, motionless amidst its own broken ruins

The river flows down to the sea. I think of the river as a fixture, but in fact it is new every day. Yesterday's water is long gone. I'm sure there is something I could learn from that.

This is my second entry, as I posted my husband's photo on my first - see here.
(Probably against all the rules. Sorry)


  1. Love the downy feathers idea and the shot of the river :-)

    (Posting someone else's image has been done in the past and seems to be accepted as long as the post indicates who the photographer was, so I wouldn't worry about it)

  2. I love those little downy friends! sooooooooo cute! Great pics all around! :)

  3. Your chicks are delightful! I just found a comment from you in my spam box. The Askimet spam filter is a robot and robots makes mistakes too :o) Thanks for comment.

  4. no rules, just some excellent pictures. great post ..;)

  5. Picture 1: Awwww!

    Picture 2: Yikes

    Picture 3: Lovely!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Someday you can tell me how a Blogspotter is doing WordPress photo challenges.

  6. There's a lot of drama in the first photo that's really noticeable. And, it's so cute.

  7. Haha... Very clever! HENrietta. I love the family photo of Henrietta and the chicks.

    Thank you for taking the trouble of leaving a comment on my post, I have rescued it from the spam bin. :)

  8. My vote sis for the chicks. I shall check my spam. Lots of odd things have happened with WP recently. I think they are having one of their periodic security surges.


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