Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Picture it in Your Own Words - Down

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The prompt for The Weekly Photo Challenge is Down  

First, a DESPERATE note to fellow challengers! I have left - tried to leave - comments on many of your photos! Wordpress doesn't like Blogspot comments and - I think - spams them! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE look in your spam bin and see if there is a comment from Writing from the Edge. If you 'reinstate' it in  your comments, generally that means I will be allowed to comment in future. Yipee! 
(You cannot believe how frustrating this is....)

At last - sorry for the delay! - here are the pictures:

White birds fly down onto the water

Held down at the railway station

I am entering both these pictures on my husband's behalf, as I think they are great interpretations of the theme. He took them in Antwerp a couple of days ago.

He took this one too, but not in Antwerp!

Sitting down for a rest and a picnic in the rain


  1. The bike one is amazing!

  2. Great photos. All great entries for the week's theme. Thanks for coming by, too. Stop by anytime. You are always welcome.

  3. I could hardly believe what I was seeing with those bikes - wow!

  4. greetings by


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