Friday, 3 February 2012

The Scroobious Pictures - Wildlife & Nature

Sunset and smoke
I do love pictures - photos, drawings, paintings, the lot.

So, having heard via IsobelandCat's Blog (which I highly recommend!) of a new photo 'challenge', how could I resist?

I'm a few days late, as these pictures are for January's category.
Sorry about that.

The subject for January was 'Wildlife and Nature'
(It has been very difficult to limit myself to just 423 pictures.
Only kidding.
567 actually.)
I had better re-read the rules for next time. Maybe you're only allowed one picture.
(I'd probably have to drop out.)

I just hope no one is looking at this on some wide-screen desk-top because I had the unpleasant experience of doing that myself recently. Horror of horrors - all the pictures were bleeding into each other, over the edge and it all looked like the proverbial train-wreck.
All I can say is, everything is ship-shape and Bristol-fashion when it leaves my laptop!

Nature first

Seashore 'pavement'

Cummeen Strand at low tide

The woods in winter

Chloe's horned tree monster
This fabulous picture was taken by my talented young French friend, Chloe Aubert. I am entering it on her behalf. Isn't it wonderful? And so is her other picture, below

Another of Chloe Aubert's lovely pictures - midsummer woodland

These two pictures (above and below) are, coincidentally, taken of the same place, at different seasons!
Here is my picture taken in winter.

Midwinter woodland

I took this picture last weekend at our favourite beach (so it does qualify as a January picture, honest!)

This is a waterfall on the side of Benbulben, our iconic mountain

The Mare's Tail in winter

Icicles on the frozen river

That's probably slightly overdone it on the nature bit.
Here are some wildlife pix.

Ducks on the Garavogue

Both of the next shots were also taken on the Garavogue


The perfect family

I love noiisy seagulls. I don't know what type this is, but he was trying to share my sandwich.

And finally, one last picture from Chloe Aubert.

A fox cub, surprised on the path


  1. Hey! I didn't realise you'd joined too! I m trying to work out how to subscribe to you blog.
    Of these, I love the beach the best, closely followed by the seagull and the cub.

    1. How nice that you'd like to subscribe to my blog! I have been having such problems with the technicalities of my blog - no one seems to know how to solve them! Neither Followers, nor those who have filled in their email address at the top of the page are being notified of new posts - even tho it says they will be! All very frustrating, and I can't find what is 'blocking' it. I have even written to Mr Clustrmaps, and accused him of axeing my Followers in the Library with the breadknife! Surprisingly, he has written back, but only to protest his innocence!! What to do next I wonder?

  2. I have subscribed via twitter, but as I am an irregular tweeter, I am not sure how successful that will be. Should I normally be able to subscribe with one click even though I'm n Wordpress and you are at Blogspot?

    1. Now there you have me! Possibly slightly more technical expertise than I can lay claim to! And I am not a Tweeter.
      You SHOULD be able to fill in your email address at the top of the page and be notified whenever there is a new post. You can also click where it says Followers, which doesn't do anything (it seems) except be nice for me to know you are there! I have to say sometimes I can see my Followers icons on my blog page, and quite often they just disappear as if they never were...
      Try filling in you email address at the top (or maybe you already have!) and please let me know what does, or doesn't happen!
      In the wonderful quote from Shakespeare in Love, 'It's all a mystery...'


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