Thursday, 16 February 2012

The Scroobious Pictures - Travel

This month's theme for The Scroobious Pictures is Travel.

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The Scroobious Pictures

February's subject is: Travel

Having had my knuckles quite properly rapped, I have now read, learnt and inwardly digested the rules!

Here are some pictures taken specially for Travel

My theme is: Going Nowhere

The higgeldy-piggeldy Transport Museum at Dromod

A little gateway to the big Atlantic silted with sand

The fishing fleet aground at low tide

At a standstill

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  1. Love your photos <3 ---kate kresse

  2. All great pix. My favourites are the first and the third for their colour and vibrancye. Not sure that man in the last pic should have got into sch a small car!

    1. I couldn't help wondering how he did! Possibly why it was at a standstill.

  3. Fantastic photos! I'm sorry that I missed them for much of the month because of my silly spam filter. Hopefully solved that now.

  4. Ok Lorely, all fixed - your comment is back on the Monthly Photography Challenge Page (

    and I put up a blog post especially for you: (


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